Risson DM Class-A Tube Amplifier Series


(L-R) The Risson DM 8 Class-A Tube Amplifier In Blonde, The Risson DM 10 Class-A Tube Amplifier In Blue

Darrell Mansfield On The Risson DM 8 And Eric Turner On The Risson  AP40 ⇓

Introducing the Risson DM Series Vintage Amplifier for harmonica, violin, and guitar.  It is the perfect tool for the musician looking for a high quality natural sound in a compact package.  The Class-A tube design of the Risson DM Series Vintage Amplifiers allows for a sustained clean or overdriven sound.

The DM Series also offers a moderate tone for a strong blues lead.

*Fun Fact: The DM stands for Darrell Mansfield

Tube Configuration

– One 12AX7 Pre-Amp Tube

–  One 6V6 or 6L6 Power Tube

– One 5Y3 or GZ34 Rectifier Tube


– One Single-Ended Output Transformer

– Works with 4 ohm or 8 ohm 

– Wattage varies depending on speaker load

– Clean to overdrive = 5 to 8 watts


Single channel with both high and low gain input jacks

Front Panel Controls

Two phone jacks, Volume,  On/Off

Dimensions and Weight


Comes with 8" Jensen Speaker

H: 13″ x W: 16.5″ x D: 9″; 18lbs.


Comes with 8" or 10" Jensen Speaker

H: 15″ x W: 15″ x D: 10″; 21lbs.


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