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(L-R) Risson AP40 Full-Stack Shown in Pink Pearl Tolex And The Risson LTA 120 Full-Stack Shown In Red Tolex

Are you looking to have an amplifier made that meets all of your needs?

Whether it is an LTA 200 like the two we made for Slash, an LTA 120 Combo like the one we made for Glen Campbell, a VTG240Z Solid State Amplifier like the one we made for Joe Walsh, or any one of our smaller amplifiers with a custom tolex vinyl cloth like the pink AP40 down below, the Risson Custom Shop will build it... JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT!

Risson LTA 120
(Lead Tube Amplifier)

The LTA is a beast all to itself, ranging from 90 - 150 watts.  It's designed to give you that 1970's all-around nice, warm, clean sound.  This is a tube amplifier with a higher gain for Rock N Roll overdrive.  It also has a great overdrive for lower levels.  The LTA is very versatile - from Glen Campbell's clean sound to Slash's Rock N Roll style.  With a built in reverb, the LTA is definitely your go-to amp of choice because it's built to last!

If you want it all - Do it with an LTA by RISSON.

Tube Configuration

– Three 12AX7, Two 12AT7, Four KT88 or 6550


– One Push/Pull output transformer  works with 4 ohm (recommended 8 ohm)

– Wattage varies depending on speaker load

– Clean to Overdrive = 150 to 200 watts


Two channels with both high and low gain input jacks

Speaker Enclosures

Include half-stack (one 4 X 12") or full-stack (two 4 X 12") cabinets.

We have more speaker offers for all Custom Shop orders.


Glen Campbell and Risson LTA 120 Combo 


Slash And Two Risson LTA200


Joe Walsh and Risson VTG240Z