Risson STA Combo Tube Amplifier


The Risson STA (Solid Tube Amplifier) Shown Above As A Combo Unit In Red (Left) and Black (Right)


Dolly Parton, Al Perkins, And The Risson STA Combo Amplifier

Introducing the Risson STA Combo Series. 

This is Bob Rissi's favorite amplifier for Blues and Jazz.  This is Al Perkin's favorite amplifier for playing his steel guitar.

Experience these amazing sounding amplifiers with lots of power in a convenient, all-in-one unit.

The Risson STA Combo Amplifier provides the same full sound you would expect from a Risson amp, but in a compact and portable configuration that allows for easy transport and set-up.

It is available in 40 watts and 60 watts.

The STA is an excellent choice for recording.

There are two gain stages:

  1. It has a vintage type phase inverter in the tradition of the 1940's.
  2. This is a tube amplifier with a modern high gain and warm but strong overdrive.

These amps will give you great up-to-date rock sounds every time.

EXCELLENT for rock, county rock, country, blues, jazz, and steel guitar.

Risson STA Rock Demo With Stevie Garcia⇓

Risson STA Blues Demo With Stevie Garcia⇓


Tube Configuration

– One KT77, KT88 Tubes


– One Push/Pull Output Transformer

– Works with 4 ohm, 8 ohm or 16 ohm (recommended 8 ohm)

– Wattage 40 watt - 60 watt depending on speaker load

– Clean to overdrive = 32 to 40 watt


Single channel with both high and low gain input jacks

Front Panel Controls

Two Phone Jacks, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Master and On/Off

Back Panel Features

Two Output Jacks, Fuse Post, AC cord

Can be open or closed back

Dimensions and Weight

Amp & Speaker

H: 19″ x W: 17″ x D: 9.5″

Weight will vary depending on speaker model

Risson STA Clean Demo With Stevie Garcia⇓

Risson STA Jazz Demo With Stevie Garcia⇓