Risson AP40 Tube Amplifier


Risson AP40 Amplifier in Sea Foam Green

The Risson Marvell AP40 Tube Amplifier produces a classic, vintage sound using quality parts and hand craftsmanship.

It has a big, full sound that is still surprisingly compact and light-weight.

Our amps can give you an uncompromised, “British heavy” crunch, or deliver a lead at a peak level perfect for larger venues.

The AP40 design allows for overdrive at a moderate level for blues, jazz or rock, yet it performs just as well for a sustained country rock sound.


Tube Configuration

– One 12AT7 Phased Invertor

– Two 7025/12AX7 Dual Purpose Pre-Amp Tubes

– Two 6L6 or 6550 Power Tubes


– One Push/Pull Output Transformer

– Works with 4 ohm, 8 ohm or 16 ohm (recommended 8 ohm)

– Wattage varies depending on speaker load

– Clean to overdrive = 32 to 40 watt


Single channel with both high and low gain input jacks

Front Panel Controls

Two phone jacks, Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Voicing Select, On/Off

Back Panel Features

Two output jacks, Fuse post. Ground switch, Gain boost foot pedal jack, AC cord connector

Dimensions and Weight

Amp Head Unit

H: 9.5″ x W: 19.5″ x D: 9.5″; 24lbs.

Speaker Enclosure

H: 20.5″ x W: 20.5″ x D: 12″; 32lbs.

Available in single 12″, dual 10″, or four 8″

Constructed with pine, using finger joints graphs.

This can be ordered with a closed back or an open back.


Al Perkins playing the steel guitar along with the Risson AP40.

Check Out The Risson AP40 Rock/Blues Demo Below ⇓

Check Out The Risson AP40 Country Demo Below ⇓


Risson AP40 Amplifier Half-Stack In Custom Pink Pearl Tolex


Risson AP40 Amplifier In SeaFoam Green


Risson AP40 Amplifier Full-Stack In Custom Pink Pearl Tolex