Risson Tube Standalone Reverb Unit

In the 1960’s, master engineer Bob Rissi worked at Fender when the iconic stand-alone Reverb was first introduced. It remains the reverb amp standard for musicians worldwide. Now the classic sound is back with the Risson Tube Reverb which offers the finest reverberation available in a compact, highly portable unit.

The Risson Reverb is hand wired, with all components mounted on eyelet boards. It can be used in conjunction with other amplifiers for custom sounds and is also an excellent unit for P.A. needs. Circuits include Tone and Mixing controls at the instrument input, and a Duration control which provides any degree of reverberation desired by the artist.

Musicians desiring portable professional reverb will find the Risson Tube Reverb unsurpassed in design and construction.

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– Quality power and output transformers
– Professional amplifier circuitry
– Silicon rectifiers to reduce heating and prolong unit life
– One 12AT7 dual purpose tube
– One 6K6 Power Tube

Dimensions and Weight:
W: 19.5″ x H: 9.5″ x D: 9.5″: 17 lbs.