Marvell 18E Tube Head Amplifier




  It resounds with a rich, full British sound for that heavy crunch or driving lead you want at a level you can use in the studio. Plug it in at a small club for uncompromised sound without popping eardrums, or mic it in a large venue for all to hear. Its unique design allows overdrive at a low level for that wide open 60’s, 70’s & 80’s heavy rock sound, and performs just as well for the new sustained country rock sound. It can also be set for a clean and warm guitar performance. Built in the United States from NOS (new old stock) vintage parts selected and stored with care by Bob Rissi, the Risson Marvell Tube Amplifier is built to specifications that no mass manufacturer can match. The Half Stack is only 30 inches high at a light weight you won’t believe. The Full Stack has that unbeatable full tube amp sound like a 100 watt stack, but at a reasonable club level. At 50 inches high, you’ll be shocked at how much it doesn’t weigh.

  The Risson Marvell Tube Amplifier is special. It’s not manufactured on a line overseas – it’s crafted right here in the United States under Bob Rissi’s careful supervision.

The 18E features black face 1960’s style eyelet board wiring using new old stock parts from brands like Ajax, Mallory, Ohmite, Triad and Westinghouse. The 18V features point to point 1940’s and 50’s style wiring and is a limited edition model – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

The head cabinets are constructed of sturdy pine in the tradition of high quality 1960’s amp cabinets, using locked joints.

Risson uses quality, long lasting vintage construction for superior reliability and endurance not found in mass market amplifiers. The components enhance sound quality, an art form lost since the heyday of rock and roll (the 1960’s – 1980’s).