A BIG Sound With An Even BIGGER History!!!

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DM Series Class-A Tube Amplifier

Darrell Mansfield's Amplifier For Harmonica

  • Great For Harmonica, Violin, and Guitar
  • Head 8 Watt: 18 lbs
  • Head 10 Watt: 21 lbs

Marvell 18E Tube Amplifier

  • 18 Watts
  • British Heavy Crunch
  • Perfect For The Studio
  • Heavy Rock, Sustained Country, A Clean Warm Guitar Performance
  • Head: 19 lbs

AP40 Tube Amplifier

The Marvell AP40 is Bob Rissi's Favorite Amplifier for Country & Country Rock

  • 40 Watts
  • Classic Vintage Sound
  • British Heavy Crunch, Lead At Peak Level
  • Blues, Jazz, Rock, Sustained Country Rock, or Steel Guitar
  • Head: 24 lbs

STA Combo Tube Amplifier

  (STA Shown In Black As A Combo)

The STA is Bob Rissi's Favorite Amplifier for Blues & Jazz and Al Perkins' Favorite Amplifier for Steel Guitar

  • Available in 40 Watt and 60 Watt
  • Excellent Choice For Recording
  • Excellent For Rock, Country Rock, Country, and Steel Guitar
  • Available Open or Closed Back
  • Weight Depends On Speaker Model

Cyclone Tube Amplifier

The Cyclone is Steve Kara's Favorite Amplifier.  Check out the Risson Custom Shop to see his Risson Amplifier

  • LARGE-SIZE Venues, Concert Hall or Outdoor Fair
  • Heavy Lead At High Volume Levels
  • Clean, Full Sound
  • Overdrive for Blues, Jazz, or Rock
  • Head: 30 lbs

Standalone Tube Reverb

  • Great Range
  • Built Like A 1960's Reverb Unit
  • Dwell & Mix Tones

The Risson Custom Shop

The Risson LTA 120 (Lead Tube Amp) Full Stack Shown Below


Risson Amplifiers are designed and built by master engineer, Bob Rissi.

Bob Rissi is a Master Designer and Engineer, with over 50 years of experience creating amplifiers for the brightest stars in the music industry.  Bob obtained invaluable experience in 1961 when Leo Fender hired him to work on his latest models, and today his honed expertise shines through with every note that blasts from a Risson Amplifier.  

After leaving Fender in 1967, Bob became Director of Engineering at Rickenbacker, where he designed the famous TranSonic series used by Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Steppenwolf, Cheap Trick, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and many others.  Bob left Rickenbacker to start Risson in 1970, where he built a variety of models that were purchased by renowned musicians like Slash, Lita Ford, Poison, Motely Crue, Al Perkins, Glen Campbell, Rick Vito, Joe Walsh,  Rick Nelson, and countless others. 

His incomparable artistry is now available to you with Risson’s new tube amplifiers.

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